Replacement Camera (Black/No Image)

@RickCarlino and @roryaronson , really need your assistance. I’m hoping you can remote into our system and assist with problem determination. We keep encountering issues, many QA-related, that are prohibiting us from planting/realizing our first crop. This has been in-progress for many months. We finally reached the soil height detection step then realized the original camera had experienced a water breach (top of housing). Once the replacement was received, we used waterproof shrink tubing to enhance protection. Needless to say, the team’s really frustrated at this point. Seems like one step forward, two+ steps back, and that’s even with our extreme due diligence. Onto the current problem…

Now, we’re getting no images (just a blank/black image - see image below). We have tried other USB ports, removing the right-angle USB extension cable, updating firmware and re-flashing OS, and testing externally using a Windows PC. The camera works fine on the PC, with and without the extension cable. All dependencies appear to be installing. Only other error, besides ones below, is an intermittent “Farmbot failed to request token: {:failed_connect, [{:to_address, {‘’, 443}}, {:inet, [:inet], :nxdomain}]}”.

@SGTX It sounds like there may be another issue at play here- can I please have your device ID so that I can remotely inspect your device? If you could leave the device online during this time that would be appreciated.