Restarting the bot resets setup

Hi All,

I recently downgraded to version 9 based on another thread. I notice that all my calibration settings go for a toss after restart.

When I try to run a sequence, the Y axis tries to move in a negative direction. I then invert motor and encoders and recalibrate and it tends to work.

Question: Is it expected behavior that settings are reset on powering off and powering on the device? I have to power off an on as I get econnrefused as the error that never goes away.

Thanks for any suggestions.

@happyfarmer in order to help, we’d need more detail about your hardware.

In the meantime, have you tried this :slight_smile:

  • Choose the correct firmware for your FarmBot Hardware
  • Reset all the machine parameters to Default values

@jsimmonds apologies for missing details. It’s a Genesis XL that’s been scaled down to a 10x10 bed. I have the main arm as Y, the the rails that attach to the bed as X. The biggest issue until now is setting the Y to behave. Every time I program it, I invariably have to set invert motors and encoders for it to run in the correct direction and water the plants. When I turn-off power and turn it on, I would expect it to bring back settings and run. But it fails needing recalibration. I am unsure what I am doing wrong or if this is expected behavior.

Yes, the firmware is correct.
I have not reset to default as I was concerned the plants I had positioned will be lost.

Thanks for your thoughts.

Taking a look now @happyfarmer.


I don’t see anything too telling after logging in to your device. A few things to note:

You have auto-sync turned off with very low WiFi connectivity. Turning off auto-sync is not a bad idea if your device’s wifi strength is under 65% (this is probably also the cause of the :econrefused errors). Did you press the sync button after making changes to your device settings? I would highly recommend improving your WiFi connectivity before debugging other issues, either by switching to ethernet or by purchasing a WiFi signal booster. FarmBot software is designed and tested in an environment with > 65% WiFi connectivity.

There was a service outage last night. Our servers saw a spike in traffic last night that led to degraded API/server performance for a few hours. It may be possible that this is related.

@RickCarlino thanks for the quick reply. Good to know about the WiFi connectivity. That is surprising and will investigate.


@happyfarmer By the way, FarmBot v10.1.2 was just released if you would like to try that version instead.

Thanks for the note. It looks like the Device Menu got moved under the Farm designer settings tab :slight_smile:

@happyfarmer you spotted that too :slight_smile:
@RickCarlino WebApp commit 49D8B0DC