Retractable Low Tunnel Hood and Mylar Reflector

I am an avid gardener and I live in the Midwest which makes gardening a challenge because of the constantly changing temperatures and humidity. In my area the temperature will change +/- 20 degrees 5 times a day. I make my own compost and use black plastic mulch and low tunnels with drip irrigation on a timer and grass clippings for weed suppression and moisture retainment, plus it keeps a healthy population of various types of earthworms fertilizing and aerating the soil. Gardening on a 50ft x 50ft plot and only watering during the dry spells just long enough to get me through to the next rain. Taking these factors in account and the temperature and sunlight hours needed to produce healthy plants and extending the growing season I think it would be beneficial to add a low polytunnel cover to the bed frame that is capable of opening and closing to suit the thermal requirements of the plants for the cooler parts of the season and a shade cloth for the warmer parts with the edition of a retractable mylar reflector to help with the ever-changing sunlight. The polytunnel could also be activated to prevent waterlogging and nutrient runoff in the rainy seasons. I come from a long line of farmers and have given this subject much thought… I am unable to work on this project myself but hopefully, it will give those that can an idea. Another idea I have is to place the Farmbot on swiveled pneumatic wheels so that it can be moved to another bed and locked in place for multiple bed applications and succession gardening on a larger scale. It is advisable to use hardware cloth under the beds to prevent damage from moles and gophers. Other pests can be eliminated with pepper spray. My interest in this project is for my friend Cody who was born quadriplegic but holds several master’s degrees. Because of his disabilities, no one will hire him. So if we come up with something that is autonomous it might give guys like him some since of accomplishent. Good luck on your endeavors.