Reviews of Farmbot

I’m looking for feedback and reviews of the farmbot prior to purchasing. I’ve only found one YouTube video, and it describes the farmbot as “junk”. Anyone here owned and successfully used their farmbot for a few seasons, what was your experience like?

@PaladinRobotics, I’ve had my FarmBot Genesis for over 2 years now. It started as a project while we were all stuck at our houses during the pandemic. This will be my 3rd growing season with it and I’m currently working on upgrading it to the 1.6 version. I love the bot but you definitely have to enjoy tinkering. From your username, I can tell that you probably don’t have a problem with that :slight_smile: It’s been fun to play with and makes gardening fun for me. I don’t think I’d grow my own vegetables without the bot. That’s just part of the fun for me. In my use case, I certainly wouldn’t be able to justify buying the bot as some sort of way to save money, time, etc. though. Maybe if you were a large scale farming operation or something but definitely not at my house. If you do go for it, you have to really make sure you have a very secure foundation for the bot. I feel that’s where a lot of frustration people have with the bot is that it stalls on the X-axis. This is usually no fault of the bot. It just needs a perfect level and parallel raised bed to sit on for it to work properly. Most people that come to my house and see the bot think it’s cool, but most also just ask “couldn’t you put a sprinkler on a timer?” and while yes, that’s true, but it’s certainly not as cool or fun as the Farmbot!


If you know german you may want to read the articles I linked in this thread: Press coverage: FarmBot in c't-Magazin - #7 by pinae

@PaladinRobotics Third year running with my Genesis XL (first 1.5 and now upgraded to 1.6). Love it but it does require tinkering from time to time. The good news is that support is excellent.

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