Roadmap Farmbot


I was wondering of there is some Roadmap about the software development of the Farmbot? I only can find a old roadmap thats not up-to-date anymore. I’m thinking about developing some dashboarding/reporting for the Farmbot so i can get some insights about the actions that are taken by the Farmbot. (And later share it with the community here)

But if this is already on the short term roadmap i see no reason for creating it.



Hi @Maikel. Dashboards and reporting tools can span a wide number of use cases. Off the top of my head, I can’t say that we have any plans for that sort of thing, but it is possible that some upcoming features might accomplish the same goal.

What sort of reports were you planning on building? I am happy to answer any questions about the REST/MQTT APIs to help you get the data into your dashboard.