Routine sequences running

Hi @roryaronson,

it would be great if we could have something like a cron job in Linux which is running all the time.
Thus we could read out temperature modules and keep track of trends.

Best application example at the moment would be a proximity sensor which checks the environment every second
and then the gantry starts to drive if it detects a motion from, lets say a bird. Could you pls check how much effort this kind of feature would be?

Thanks, Best

It’d be great if you could hook up any kind of IoT device which simply sends an API request over the network to your FarmBot (or instructing your bot to do something (like execute Scarecrow Sequence).

That would be the most flexible solution for allowing any peripheral sensor to queue actions on the bot.

But why not make use of the Raspi functions which are already build in @mdingena?
There is still GPIOs that one could use and run scripts in the background…? No need to buy another Raspi for that…?

Both features mentioned here (ongoing cron job style tasks, and easier 3rd party control of the FarmBot) are good ideas that we would like to implement eventually; they are just lower on the priority list because they are not as “core” of a feature in comparison to something like looping and variables.

In ways, 3rd party control is already possible though. See the Telegram integration @mdingena developed, and the Amazon Alexa skill that @kimptoc has been working on.

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