Scheduled tasks not running

My scheduled watering cycle often doesn’t run. I spent a lot of time on this before Xmas with Rick from Farmbot ,and because I also had mechanical issues, the problem was shelved pending the mechanics becoming more reliable at my end.
I have, subsequently made sure that movement of the bot is reliable, but the problem persists.
The task running the sequence is scheduled twice per day, but when the scheduled time arrives, the task disappears from the schedule calendar and fails to run, there are no errors being generated in the logs.

I should add that I have been running this task manually without any errors for a couple of weeks.

@dmbgo I’d like to reproduce and investigate this behaviour . . are you happy to show detail of the Farm Event that runs your watering Sequence ? ( i.e. just Edit any instance of the Event in the repeat list ( you don’t need to make any change ) and post a screen shot ( like mine below ) ) =>

I have noticed in the last month or so, if I make any changes to any of the sequences the schedule does not run. It just seems to skip over the current one, the future ones are still there but when it reaches the scheduled time, they don’t do anything. All I had to do was delete the scheduled event and re-enter it with the same parameters and it has worked fine. This has happened several times and re-entering it always fixed it.

"any changes" !

That’s a very useful clue. Thanks.

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Tested this scenario just now on my Express device running FBOS v12.3.3-rc5 and cannot reproduce the symptoms :slightly_frowning_face:

After editing the primary Sequence in the Event I do see the FarmEvent Scheduler Monitor process stop and a new one is created . . but the scheduled event executions get correctly re-created and continue run on schedule on my device.

Perhaps @RickCarlino has fixed something relevant recently ?

@dmbgo @jsimmonds @ldgaley

Good morning and happy new year,

I am back in the office after the holiday and will take a look into this issue shortly.

In the meantime, if you have reason to believe this is a newly discovered “stale data” bug in FarmBot OS, you might be able to fix the problem by:

  • Deleting and re-creating the FarmEvent
  • Performing a “hard reset” (not to be confused with a “soft reset” which rarely helps with database corruption issues).

These are just hunches based on a bug we’ve encountered in the past and might not help. I still need to do an investigation to find a root cause. I will post details as they become available to me. Thanks for letting me know about this.

Speak soon,


I have deleted and recreated the scheduled events. @jsimmonds, my scheduled event is a grandfather sequence containing a bunch of nested sequences, so does not lend itself well to a screenshot.

Has this helped ?

@dmbgo all good. I wanted to see the Farm Event detail :slight_smile: ( as in my screen shot )

@RickCarlino I’ve not found a way to reproduce the OP issue using FBOS v12.3.3 f.w.i.w

I have now reflashed to V12.3.3. I’ll monitor how things go. The next watering is scheduled for tonight.

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Just a note to say that the watering cycle completed as scheduled. I will post on this thread in a week, to confirm that it is regular, or earlier, if it fails.


Not quite a week (6 days) but I can now report that the scheduled tasks have been totally reliable for this period. It seems that reflashing the SD Card was the answer,


Too bad that we could not find a root cause, but glad to hear things are back to normal @dmbgo Please let me know if any other issues arise.

Thanks for your help with this Rick.

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I had to reschedule task, and it started working again