Seeking for tutorials for self-hosting

Hi, we are trying to connect our farmbot to a self-hosted server, however, we didn’t find any tutorial. Do we need to change the IP address written in farmbot-OS and create our customized OS image with nerves to achieve that?

Hi @dikaiz

There are many mentions of self-hosting Web App in this forum ( use search ).

I don’t think so.

Thank you for you answer.
Actually I looked up the forum for a long time before asking. Someone has mentioned that switching between servers need to flash sd card, however I didn’t find the place to update the server IP address inside the sd card. I only find IP address on source code of farmbot-os on github.

Hi @dikaiz when you Hard/Soft Reset FarmbotOS and you do the full Configuration, the final page has the field SERVER where you specify your private Web App host URL.

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