Sending home in the sequence

Every time i make a sequence, then want to send the farmbot home it wants to recalibrate the z axis. How would i fix this problem?


The sequence above is the daily watering sequence for my garden. I perform homing operations before and after to ensure that the device always moves to the correct spot.

Are you trying to do something like this? Or is the problem that it tries to find home and you do not want to do that? Please let me know if I am understanding the problem correctly.

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I messaged Rick after reading this topic and he thought I should post it publicly.

Quick question about the software. I’m fairly new to this forum and currently don’t own a FarmBot, but very interested in the project.
Concerning the “Homing” and “Stall Detection” code, I’m assuming these are based on incremental rotary encoders. I was also curious what the tolerances were for head positioning for tool change and other operations.

The reason I ask is, a friend and I have recently finished a project to hack the algorithm of a set of Absolute linear encoders I’d purchased, in order to make them work with an App based DRO system.
During this process, I began to think it might be possible to create a DIY absolute linear encoder. It wouldn’t have the resolution or be as accurate as the manufactured position encoders, but I thought it might be good enough for something like FarmBot and be cheaper than available retail encoders.
It just occured to me that using absolute encoders would negate the need for homing and make stall detection a much simpler process.
The DIY Absolute encoder is a project I hope to tackle this winter. If it works, I’ll be sure to post about it.