Sending manual commands

UNDER: Codes used for communication
Farmbot will NOT move until the configuration has been approved. To approve manually,
send F22 P2 V1 Q0


@mike101144 What are you trying to do? Typically these matters are handled internally by FarmBot OS. Are you having trouble operating your device?

I’m just trying to figure out some of the SW for DIY . I’m using webpage Pi-3 and mega 2560. I want to I/F to older cnc unipolar steppers, I have no use for encoders, personally I think its over kill. Its gardening not placing components on a circuit board. When I found that statement, I figured I could send any command , and check responses, I HAVE NOT FOUND ANY WAY TO DO IT. I’ve checked some of the code, but much of it is way above me, I’ve never mastered it, all the this and that is not obvious to me. Its more of an 76 year old man to keep his mind active…I’ve also tried logging ,all levels , but can’t dump to txt file , and it only logs about 2 minutes , then takes a breather, it seems to be very busy when doing nothing.

[astrick] this and that[astrick] the astricks apparently when on a walk about…

Hi @mike101144.

IF I Assume you’re wanting to “talk” directly with FarmBot’s firmware running on the ATmega2560 . . Then check the FarmBot Software Developer Docs for Firmware which say (highlighted) :slight_smile: