Sequence errors in the middle with "Failed to execute command"

I have a simple (but relatively long) sequence of finding home, moving to the plant, watering, taking a picture, and then repeating for each plant. I receive the following error randomly: it has happened as early as the 3rd plant and as late as the 10th plant.

Failed to execute command: {:normal, {GenServer, :call, [#PID<0.22221.0>, :process_rpc, 5000]}}

What does this error mean? Also is there a way for retrying the failed command regardless? I’m trying to set up an event that would run everyday but as of now, it looks like depending on my luck only some plants will get watered.

Farmbot OS 8. Genesis 1.4.

@kas What is the minor / tiny version of your FarmBot OS installation? Eg: v8.0.4, v8.0.3, etc…

It was v8.0.4. I’ve since updated to v8.0.4-rc1 (and I still see similar problems).

Today I’ve received the following error message. Is this related?

Failed to execute command: could not perform insert because changeset is invalid.

Applied changes

%{status: "dirty", table: "farmware_envs"}


%{"status" => "dirty", "table" => "farmware_envs"}


  table: [
    {"LocalMeta already exists.",
     [validation: :unsafe_unique, fields: [:table, :asset_local_id]]}


  action: :insert,
  changes: %{status: "dirty", table: "farmware_envs"},
  errors: [
    table: {"LocalMeta already exists.",
     [validation: :unsafe_unique, fields: [:table, :asset_local_id]]}
  data: #FarmbotCore.Asset.Private.LocalMeta<>,
  valid?: false