Setting up a server - Where are the sequences stored?

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were setting up a local server here and i had a question about the sequences.

Are the sequences stored on FarmBots Cloud storage? When i create our local server will my sequences be there and if not is there a way to be able to import that data into my server so that i don’t have to recreate all the sequences I’ve worked on over the past 3 months?

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Yes, the FarmBot Web App data is stored on the servers.

While a data export feature is a feature we’d like to implement, sequence dependencies make the process complicated and we don’t expect to implement the feature soon.

thanks for the reply,

there is no way that I can ask you guys to pull the sequence data and send it to me?

So the sequence data is stored on your servers until you can figure out a way to remove the dependencies and allow for a simple export file? even if you did just send me all my sequence data, I couldn’t just drop it into my server files because of these “dependency needs” meaning FB server and web app wouldn’t know what to do with it?

If your sequences don’t use plant or tool locations, it would be relatively straightforward. Since they probably do, each step that uses external data refers to another record in the database (plants, tools, tool slots, points, etc.). These dependencies also have to be exported and imported properly in relation to the sequences, which is a complicated process.

By the way, you can see all that data of yours by running JSON.stringify(Object.values(store.getState().resources.index.references).filter( x => ["sequences", "points", "tools"].includes(x.kind))) in the Chrome console. The main issue, as you’ve mentioned, is importing it.

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hmmm. ok, I understand completely now.

I see what you mean with the plant locations and tools/slots etc. so for example, if I build all my sequences without using any coordinate pulls from the tool bay or plants in farm designer, I could have technically just pulled those sequences and as you said “it would be relatively straightforward” but because it’s pulling the location from plants in farm designer and tool bay the “portability” becomes much more complex.

ooooh, thank you for the side note on JSON command to see the data flow from sequences. :

Really appreciate the reply and help here Gabriel. In a bit of a pickle with an event coming up so I was extremely rushed for an answer.

Just observing here, but are ‘real time’ sequences being executed across an unreliable communications channel (internet) that can go down at any point for an unknown amount of time? … seems like a rather fundamental system design flaw? Wouldn’t it be more sensible to at least download an entire sequence to the pi, then run the sequence locally so that it can’t be interrupted?

As an aside, I run my FarmBot entirely on the rPi. Also, any output that is turned on (like the water valve) is turned on with a timeout, so it will turn off after x seconds regardless of whether the rPi is still running or not.

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No, the sequences are downloaded to the pi when the SYNC button is pressed and then run locally. FarmBot’s firmware also has pin timeouts implemented.

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With the JSON snippet you gave me, can I test if the farmbot got a sequence command or is receiving any form of communication without having any of the UTM pins, motors, and encoders connected?

You can still use the web app to read and write pins and send movement commands without the UTM, peripherals, or motors connected.

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