Share a farmbot with multiple users?

I am planning a project, where one (or more) big farmbot should get shared by several people. So everbody should get a portion or even only one plant to take care of. See it as a “who can take care the best” game. Is there something of this kind going on already?

Hi kkobald!

Love your idea, and whilst I can not answer your question directly, I have a similar altruistic approach in mind.

Because I work away from home, I’m building the FBMAX but my wife, BIL, and a local veggie grower will be the team who interact with the physical garden once established.

We hope this is the final outcome;
Me - I do the design, build and operation of FB. Then I create the crop layout.
Wife - Ensures support services are available and in good condition (water, power etc) and put the seeds needed in the seed tray.
BIL/Local Grower - manage the crops.

I realize this is not the same as you, but another perspective as food for thought :+1:

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Hi @kkobald

The FarmBot Web App is a single-user application currently, but we want to change this as soon as our limited resources allow.

In the early days of FarmBot, the product was initially designed as a consumer product targeting individuals. As our product grew, we saw an increase in organizational customers, such as schools and research departments. Unfortunately, many of our original assumptions are still baked in to the software and it will be some time before we can circle back and create a proper multi-user web app.

In the meantime, here are some alternatives we offer customers who plan on sharing a single device among multiple users:

  • Put your account into “Read-Only Mode” to avoid accidental data changes. Documentation is available here.
  • Use the “Saved Gardens” feature to allow mutliple users to edit mutliple versions of a garden. Documentation available here.
  • Give each sequence creator a “Sequence Folder”. Documentation available here.

I hope this helps! Please subscribe to our newsletter if you would like to know when multi-user accounts launch.


Well, since I am a software developer since 35yrs+ my approach would be to only use the api. I see, that sequences and all other stuff can be controlled by it. So I would most likely build a project around this. If the concept gets approved I will get funding and I will put the code on github as open source as well. But any help would be appreciated and I can imagine that this could be on a paid basis.
I don´t know if that is a big no-no here, but I have to generate income since a big project of the last 11 years comes to an end in march :wink: