Share photos of your build!


My “FarmBot Jr.” Used for testing new software features.


My attempt at the build, late Autumn here in Australia!

New guy from Oz

My electronic box with enhanced encoder interface, and end-stop interfaces.

Close up of the end-stops, magnetic proximity switches (reed switch and magnet), used extensively in industry. Not really very expensive so you might want to consider including them in the ‘kits’.


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The deer are a huge problem around here XD
I cheated with starter plants, but now that they are in the soil, farmbot is keeping them nice and moist! Just harvested my first breakfast saute. Couldn’t be happier! Note to other users: make sure your belts are not too tight. I had problems with skipping and jams until I reduced the tension.

New photo by Steffan Iverson


Took me a while to make mine, because I ended up 3D printing a CNC machine ( in order to cut out the needed aluminum plates. The aluminum was just scrap I got from someone else, so that saved me a lot too. My first test of the CNC machine was engraving a giant Farmbot logo on the front of the device (facing outwards towards the neighbors :wink:). All custom parts were 3D printed out of scrap recycled plastic, and the rest were bought from the Bill of Materials section (that made it very easy, so thanks!)


I hope that in some months it gives the sun :sunglasses:


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Hi Farmbot community!
Here is my rooftop version of your great farmbot design. You see there are so many possible ways to build an own design;) I really appritiate your work and I’m looking forward to see where this project will lead.


The FarmBot on the Rabobank roof terrace in London :slight_smile:

(apologies for the sideways pic - it looks ok on my laptop :frowning: )


Here’s our FarmBot in Victoria, BC. You can see the rain barrel that we will be using to water the FarmBot. We have set up a couple of external webcams to monitor the garden and bot so that I can garden while I travel. Our plans are to integrate a solar panel as well.

We used a high garden bed with a false bottom that separates the bed from the ground because we have some hungry Douglas Fir trees that suck the nutrients and water from all gardens in a 20 m radius.


One of my front-yard bots is growing cabbage, broccoli, chard, beans, and honeydew melons right now. It is on a schedule to water the whole garden at 6am, 2pm, and 10pm. I’ll probably scale that back to watering twice or one time per day, but we’ve been having 100°F (38°C) temperatures here in California the last week, so I wanted to ensure the plants didn’t go thirsty.

I placed the honeydew melons right at the front edge of the bed so that FarmBot can still water them, but they’ll have plenty of room to spill over the bed and sprawl out onto the ground (rather than taking up the whole FarmBot growing area).


Here’s a FarmBot at the Sydney Royal Easter Show (Australia) which I helped setup recently, see it at the show in the Farming of the Future pavilion (until 3rd April 2018):-


Yes, I planted too close together. Oh well, learning!


These Farmbot is standing in the Netherlands. A special box is made on the side for the water valve. We also placed an electrical power switch on the side, so we can fast make everything power free to work on.


I’ve just set it up, and am now going through configuring it, and figuring out which things I need to re-do.


Probably the first Farmbot built in Indonesia. Big thanks to the Farmbot Team and all of those in the forum who had helped me building my farmbot :grinning: . Cheers!


Hey guys,

We’re students from Greenschool Bali, we wanted to show you our amazing Farmbot. We started working on this Student Led project 3 weeks ago.

Here are some photos of the Farmbot.

Here is the link to our video showing our farmbot.

I hope everyone has a good day,
Lucas and Gusde


I am off the grid! (with the backup)


Just got my Farmbot XL but its fall here and I was going to install the raised garden bed until this:

Turned to this:

So most of it is built inside for now:

Can I program it to build snowmen all winter?