Share your unique farmbot experiences

Hi everyone,

I am a writer for an online magazine called Machines4U. I’m writing an article on Farmbot and would love to share experiences from people who’ve used it. One of my bosses has ordered a Farmbot for his brother but it hasn’t arrived yet so I thought I’d check here and see if anyone would be keen to tell me what they’ve used their Farmbot for, how they’ve found it etc?

If you’ve done anything awesome with it let me know! I’m sure it will be interesting for you all to read about each other’s experiences too.



@Krystle I built one for school completely from scratch and worked with Rick Carlino a little (he can confirm if you tag him) when the software was not working (more like sent him hundreds of messages until he fixed my problems.) But if you want to talk just reply

Hi David, thanks for your reply. Your story definitely sounds interesting. I’d love to hear more if you’d be interested in doing a quick phone interview? Let me know what you think My email is

@Krystle I will probably get around to it this weekend since I have school right now but yeah I would be willing to do a little interview