Shipping of Ver1.3 robots

I received an email that our robot has shipped on October 9th. Checking the UPS tracking number I see it has not been picked up by UPS to date. How can you say it has shipped and it is still at your facility. Are you playing games with your customers?

Hello @mmcgowan01

Unfortunately I can not tell too much about orders and delivering. I believe the Farmbot team takes this seriously and never had the intention to annoy you.

I think Rory might take a look at your order and can provide additional information. I would recommend you to contact him in a private message.

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Hi Mike,

My apologies for the long wait time for you to receive your kit. Your packages did leave our warehouse on the 9th, and they flew to the US pretty quickly with many other kits. I just checked on their status, and your shipment along with a small number of others heading to the states were selected for additional screening by customs, which is why there hasn’t been an update by UPS. Once it makes it through customs, it will be tracked in UPS’s ground shipment tracking system and your link should be updated. It is also possible as I’ve experienced with a few other shipments that your tracking link number could change once it leaves customs, in which case either UPS or I will inform you right away. Customs cannot give me a timeframe unfortunately, though I’m hoping this will be cleared soon considering most kits have arrived to customers already.

While the shipping hasn’t been as expedient as I hoped for, some things are simply out of our control at this point. I can assure you though that we are not playing games with anyone. You can reach me directly at as well if you feel the need.