Simple Solutions

On multiple occasions over the past 6 months while putting the Farmbot 1.3 through its paces, we have encountered issues with an “apparent” failure of the system (software, hardware, etc.) to function correctly. As example, failure to receive camera images even though the system indicates pictures were taken. Or the soil moisture sensor not reporting readings in the ticker line although the system reports the tool is present and independent multi-meter readings indicating it is functioning properly.

Troubleshooting these and other similar cases consumed much time and energy.

Simple Solution? Yes - simply hit the “refresh” button on your browser!

No doubt there are many such “Simple Solutions” that should be shared. If you are aware of Simple Solutions like the one described above that will save others time/energy/frustration, please share them.

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Simple solution: Make sure you actually adjust the eccentric spacers and don’t make v-wheels too tight.

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Simple solution: If your tool verification/soil sensor isn’t functioning correctly, flip the screws over and have them point upward rather than ripping the UTM apart.

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