Slow / unstable API


last ~24 hours, my “water all plants” sequence would make long pauses on some plants. Never finishes bed watering due to timeouts. my water all sequence uses loop plants with filters farmware. This is what is in the logs:

Also sync function is from time to time painfully slow. is my assumption correct that API does not perform well / respond in a timely manner?




We are working hard to improve our software. In FBOS Version 8 you won’t run into these issues. There will be a code feature to allow for a “Water All” command and it will significantly improve the user experience. Please be patient with us in the meantime as we furiously work to get to V8.

Anything that you can do to decrease the latency of your connection will improve sync function. How is the strength of your Wi-Fi signal?


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And how many sequences do you have?
This seems to affect out FB from completing a “Sync” reliably.
We had over 300, and I think things can start to get “funny” after 100 to 150…

Well, i’ll check number of sequences, but i only experienced slow sync / failed watering this weekend. It might have been temporary - i will report in case problem persists (next watering is scheduled in about 10hours :slight_smile: )

so today morning watering failed to following error:

wifi signal strenght:

any thoughts?



Is there any chance you could plug in your FarmBot to the Internet to the router via Ethernet cable?


Take a look at recommendations 3, 4 and 5 in this troubleshooting document.


Today I’ve got the exact same error message. The time to sync seems normal right now, but the error occured 10h ago.
I can confirm, that this issue is not caused by a bad Wifi connection since I’m now using an ethernet connection for more than 6 weeks now.

I’ll keep an eye on that, it just happened the first time.

Again errors with api both same + new errors appeared in logs. Do others experience similar issues?