So where's the fun of gardening?

I made an account just to ask this question and try to understand something new, perhaps. I work 8-9 hours/day in front of the laptop (just like most of the guys here, I presume) and gardening in the evening or weekends makes a lot more sense than the office job. Just staying outdoor and doing garden related tasks is a way to disconnect and relax and reconnect with nature, and natural light and natural air and so on.
Why would I trade this to doing it in front of the screen? From my perspective 80-90% of the point of gardening are all those things from the above.
Don’t get me wrong, I do love the automation of different tasks like irrigation or weeding (there are of course other natural, efficient, cheaper solutions for weeding) or air moisture control in poly-tunnels, but I would never replace, ALL of the gardening activities or trade them for clicks in front of the screen.
I can only assume that people that are into this, love mostly the robotic part of the system, and gardening is secondary, like 10% or so.

Personally, I really gravitated towards this idea because of exactly what you said, “The Robitic part of the system” but as a whole, I’ve always liked gardening and have gardened the old fashion way and enjoyed the same aspects you do.

Besides the indoor version I’ve worked on, the outdoor FarmBot provides the same aspect of "staying outdoor and doing garden-related tasks is a way to disconnect and relax and reconnect with nature, and natural light and natural air and so on."
But instead of physically tending to the garden/plants I spend my time inspecting the FarmBot, making sure cables and wires are connected, motors are running fine, pullies are tensioned and sequences are working. So I still get that much needed
sunlight and fresh air.
So I guess when it comes down to it I look at it as a nerds way of “tending” to the garden, we just tend to the FarmBot and then let the FarmBot tend to the garden. As a tinkering/technology personality type this is what I love most. :slight_smile:

(also: for the engineering mind, the fact that you can design and make just about any type of tool head is really intriguing when you begin to explore other possibilities of this platform)

I hope this helped! :smile: I think everyone that’s part of the FarmBot community has their own specific interests and opinions of what they like about this and that’s what makes this community awesome!