Soil Sensor Does Not Give Correct Readings

Hi all,

I am currently trying to get the soil sensor to work. I have wired the sensor and the UTM correctly and tested the sensor in many different types of dirt (levels of wetness). It seems that the sensor is returning random values to the logs every time I try to read a value. We have gotten any and nearly all values between 1008 and 1023 with all levels of wet and dry dirt.

Recently we tried to lengthen the electronic screws in the UTM to provide a stronger connection to the soil sensor’s electronic screws but this did not help.

I have been completely unable to get consistent return values no matter what we do.

Are there any known fixes for this issue? I have tried all of the possible solutions that I can think of.

Thanks in advance,

Hey @Bclark

looks like your sensor input does not receive the signal from the sensor. Make sure that all 3 pins (+5V,ground,signal) are connected properly when mounted. You could probably measure the resistance with a multimeter.

Also make sure that you are using the right input pin (should be 59 I guess).

You could also try to measure the signal from the sensor to see if it is even working properly. It should be between 0V and 5V according to the soil.

I ended up lengthening the electronic screws in the UTM to create a better connection which solved the issue. Thanks