Soil sensor output always gives max reading

My soil sensor is giving a reading of 1023 when I take a sensor reading. I have attempted readings in the air, in dry soil, wet soil, and in water. For reference, this is a Genesis v1.3 but the software is updated has been updated to the latest version.

@natalieecrosby have you been able to get other readings in the past, or has this always been an issue?

How does your soil sensor look (physically)? Are there any signs of damage such as rust or corrosion?

Are you performing the readings with the read sensor command set to Analog mode?

Yes, as recent as September the soil sensor was working as expected. I was able to get varied readings when trying a calibration with soil samples with different amounts of water (for example, the September readings were 268, 406, 815). I am performing the readings with the read sensor command set to Analog mode. The soil sensor looks fine physically - no rust or corrosion. I am attaching two pictures just in case I may not be seeing something on the sensor that may be interfering with the readings. IMG_9423 IMG_9424

Can you inspect your UTM to make sure the electronic screws are still springing out after being pressed in? Sometimes they can get stuck and subsequent tool mountings don’t make electrical contact. You may also try taking some steel wool or a stainless steel dish scrubby and brushing over the screw heads in the UTM and on top of the tool to remove an oxide layer that may be interfering with the signal.

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I do have about three screws that are not springing back out as far as the others so that could be the issue. Recommendations for addressing this issue?

You could try applying a dry lubricant such as graphite and inspecting to make sure there is no debris in there.