Solar Powered Farmbot?!

Hi there! My neighborhood is converting at least one “unimproved” street into a community garden, per my campaigning on behalf of it. We may be able to convert up to 10 by next year. Since the funding + donated resources have been significantly greater than what was initially expected, I thought it would be so super to have farm bots for our raised beds. I’m not yet fully competent to set them up, but there are definitely people in the community who are. But since we’re doing this, I’d also like to make it so the farmbots are powered by solar panels installed in the space. Is this practical? And if so, how would I go about presenting this, informationally, to the neighborhood associations and etc (like how much power doe these things use, could it be totally powered with relatively small panels? Also, how might farmbot pump its water from rain catchment systems? I’m not sure if this is the right way of phrasing all of these questions, but would love any feedback i might receive…

Thanks in advance for your time, energy, and attention!


Mods and Add-ons in the FarmBot Genesis hardware documentation is a good place to look for this information:

Wow! Super! Thank you so much, Gabriel!