Solenoid valve maybe not working

Hello ,
I am having a problem with my water system , just change the Farmbot to my rooftop.
Before the pressure out was not very good but enought.
Now there is very little water coming

out but the system is receiving good pressure IN.
It’s possible that the valve is only opening a little bit ?



This is my installation and the flow of water.

Hello @danisam After reviewing the video this is likely a water pressure issue. There may also be an obstruction in the valve like some sediment or calcification/mineralization in your water line. Can you disassemble the tubing on the solenoid valve and look for any obstruction in the upstream portion of the solenoid valve.

Can you also show us a video of the water pressure upstream of the solenoid valve?

Also one safety point. We would recommend that you keep the water line separated from the electrical components as much as possible. If there is a leak or a water line (surgical tube) failure, it may leak onto the electrical components or connections. Although the power supply is IP67 rated for use around water, we still suggest that you keep the water lines away from the electrical power components as much as possible.


The problem is resolved , it was an issue of garbage in the filter of the solenoid valve.


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