Solenoid valve / Pressure reducer / Leak

The Genesis XL 1.5 documentation shows the pressure reducer mounted AFTER the solenoid. Is this correct?

Having followed the instructions (including inserting a rubber gasket), I have a small leak between the barbed adapter and the solenoid valve.

What’s the best way to fix? Can I apply as much strength as required to stem the leak or would I risk damaging the plastic threads of the solenoid with the brass barbed adapter? How much teflon tape should I put on?

Many thanks!

@ClosedCircuit Do the leaks continue after applying several turns of teflon tape, or is the issue that it is leaking despite the use of teflon tape? My recommendation would be to apply teflon tape before proceeding, if you have not already done so. Please let us know if that does not help.

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This is my set up. A bit of a kluge. But it works very well. My kit was old enough that it had teh plastic nylon barbed fitting. It did not work well so I replaced it with the brass one you see at the far right from Home Depot. Teflon tape used where appropriate. I also added a Ball valve.

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Thanks @RickCarlino. I have only put 2 or 3 turns worth of teflon tape. Perhaps I need to put more? I’ll try tomorrow.

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Thanks @John_D. 1.5 is bit different (the solenoid valve is now on the gantry itself) but your picture helped me to confirm the order in which the regualtor is positioned and gave me a few ideas to try!

In case the following can help anyone, I fixed the leak by adding a lot more teflon (about 8 turns) and quite a lot strength.