Stuck when switch on the vacuum pump

I’m using Farmbot Express. Firmware is Farmduino (Express v1.0). Web App version is F0236C52.
When switch on the vacuum pump from Web App control panel, my Farmbot stuck.
The vacuum pump is keep moving forever and green Sync LED on Farmduino board is blinking. Pushing the reset button on the Farmduino board , the pump stop but LED blinking is continue. To recover from this situation, I need to power off and on Farmduino and Raspberry Pi.
I can operate other functions (move, water, lighting) normally from Web App.
Could someone let me know how to fix this.


We’re sorry to hear you are having hardware problems. If you purchased your device from FarmBot, Inc. you may contact us directly for support under warranty via

Please provide the following information when you contact us:

  • The email you used to purchase the FarmBot, or an order number.
  • The email for your account at
  • The FarmBot model purchased

I will forward this message to @Marc, who handles support matters. We look forward to assisting you.

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Hi, Rick

I appreciate your prompt response.
I will send a e-mail to support desk soon.


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