Suppliers / Lieferanten in DACH (Germany / Switzerland / Austria)


Hi @ll,

first, I’d like to thank @duesentrieb (and the other guys) for sharing their supplier list. I’m currently planning to build up a new farmbot in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany, hence I used your BOM as a “blueprint” with some minor modifications :wink:

But let me please start with some short explanations on the design principles I tried to follow:
1.) I’ll build the plates, brackets and all 3D printed stuff myself
2.) prefer parts available in the EU to avoid unnecessary costs for customs and delivery
3.) “good” must not be necessarily expensive, but I don’t want to pay twice because of a *** product :wink:
4.) make as few changes on the 3D models as possible and stick to the standard
5.) read everything at least twice (by the way, this is a good advice for life *g*)

So, here is my personal BOM which should be compliant to farmbot v1.2. Currently I would have to pay something around 1200€ (except of the material for the 3D printer and the aluminum plate).

Is something missing? Opinions, suggestions (but also warnings) are heartily invited :slight_smile:

Greetings from germany!


Hi, where do you live exactly in Rhineland-Palatinate? I live near by Koblenz and i am looking foreward to build a farmbot.

Maybe we can talk about our experiences.



Hey Sascha,

I live near by speyer. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I will give my best to find some good answers :wink:




I’m one neighbor on the other side, not so far.

Nancy, France

In the same level of progress of the project.


Hi Sascha,

Wenn du Lust hast kann ich dich in die SLACK-Gruppe von Farmbot Europe einladen. Da sind noch mehr Leute aus der D/A/CH drin. Dazu bräuchte ich nur deine Mailadresse. Die könntest du mir dann einfach per PN schicken.

Ansonsten ist die Kontaktliste vielleicht interessant für dich:

Gruß Jonas


Hi Jonas

ich hätte auch intersse an der SLACK-Gruppe bezüglich Farmbot Europe. Ich bin sehr neu hier und suche nach Infos bezüglich Europe.

Besten Danke und Grüsse


Ich hab mal eine Whatsapp Gruppe erstellt


Hi there,
I’m a little late to the party. I’m a Member of a german Makerspace and we want to build a FarmBot. Does anyone know a Supplyer in Germany or the EU? Thanks in Advance for any reaction.


Hey schaechi,
there are only three options at this time:

  • purchase a complete kit in the FamBot online shop
  • purchase only parts, that you can’t get here
  • build an earlier version of the bot which includes parts that are common in the maker scene so you can get them pretty easy and cheap locally

you could check in the BOM files in this topic, there are some suppliers listed. Maybe some of them are already outdated, but I believe its a good start.