Sync Error has broken farmbot



My Farmbot has been having issues for a while now and I can’t figure out whats going on.
It’s been stuck with a SYNC ERROR.

Trying to fix the problem I’ve updated the firmware, reconfigured the machine (multiple times), I just swapped to a new wifi, have re-flashed the pi from the github image. The Sync error seems to be preventing me from completing a factory reset which I tried before flashing a new sd card.

I also keep losing the Message Broker.

My farmbot hasn’t operated properly since updating to Genesis v1.4




@LiamBTS Could you please send me your account email address in a private message so I can take a look?


Hey I been getting sync error continuously even though connectivity links in the device page are all green.
I tried rebooting the bot also changed wifi but no use. Still getting sync error. But I dont know how it can perform manual movement controls or peripherals on the control page while still showing sync error after that. But I cannot test any of the sequences due to this sync error. Farmbot does not give the option to test sequences.


Please have a look at these


@pooja Please bring your device back online. I tried to take a look, but it appears to be offline.