Sync Error has broken farmbot


My Farmbot has been having issues for a while now and I can’t figure out whats going on.
It’s been stuck with a SYNC ERROR.

Trying to fix the problem I’ve updated the firmware, reconfigured the machine (multiple times), I just swapped to a new wifi, have re-flashed the pi from the github image. The Sync error seems to be preventing me from completing a factory reset which I tried before flashing a new sd card.

I also keep losing the Message Broker.

My farmbot hasn’t operated properly since updating to Genesis v1.4



@LiamBTS Could you please send me your account email address in a private message so I can take a look?

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Hey I been getting sync error continuously even though connectivity links in the device page are all green.
I tried rebooting the bot also changed wifi but no use. Still getting sync error. But I dont know how it can perform manual movement controls or peripherals on the control page while still showing sync error after that. But I cannot test any of the sequences due to this sync error. Farmbot does not give the option to test sequences.

Please have a look at these

@pooja Please bring your device back online. I tried to take a look, but it appears to be offline.

I’ve been getting lot’s of sync errors in the last week, regimens are failing to run, plants are dry.

I can’t record a diagnostic, as the button doesn’t work version 7.0.1

Network all looks fine, 50dBm Wifi. Most recent errors below

Error Failed to resolve {:error, :timeout} 9.6, 96.2, 0 Jul 31, 9:48pm

Error|Failed to resolve {:error, :timeout}|0, 16.2, 0|Jul 30, 9:50pm|

Error|Failed to resolve {:error, :timeout}|0, 16, 0|Jul 30, 6:07am|

Error|Failed to resolve {:error, :timeout}|0, 16, 0|Jul 30, 5:04am|

Error|Failed to resolve {:error, :timeout}|0, 16, 0|Jul 30, 4:58am|

Error|Error connecting to AMPQ: :enetunreach|0, 16, 0|Jul 30, 4:33am|

Error|Failed to resolve {:error, :timeout}|0, 16, 0|Jul 30, 4:27am|

Error|Failed to resolve {:error, :timeout}|0, 16, 0|Jul 30, 3:42am|

Error|Failed to resolve {:error, :timeout}|0.2, 0.6, 0|Jul 27, 3:36am|

Error|Authorization failed: {:error, :nxdomain}. Trying again 3 more times.|-1, -1, -1|Jul 27, 1:42am|

Error|Authorization failed: {:error, :nxdomain}. Trying again 4 more times.|-1, -1, -1|Jul 27, 1:42am|

Error|Token failed to reauthorize: - :nxdomain|-1, -1, -1|Jul 27, 1:42am|

Error|Authorization failed: {:error, :nxdomain}|-1, -1, -1|Jul 27, 1:42am|

Error|Authorization failed: {:error, :nxdomain}. Trying again 0 more times.|-1, -1, -1|Jul 27, 1:42am|

@sam_uk I will take a look now.

@sam_uk It looks like your device is back online- were you able to identify the root cause?

It does seem to have started working now, any idea what went wrong?

@sam_uk That’s a tough question to answer because a lot of logs are redacted for clarity. I didn’t see anything too revealing in the logs when I looked at your account, other than network conditions temporarily stopped the sync process from working. If you have an FTDI cable and see this happen again in the future, please attach an FTDI cable and forward me the logs- I’d be happy to take a look.

Connor is working on a feature to simplify this process in a future release, but it’s not out quite yet. In the interim, if you do not have an FTDI cable and are curious (or want to be ready for if it happens again) I am seeing Raspberry Pi FTDI cables on Amazon for $6-10 USD. I would be happy to assist you with setup.