SYNC unknown and nothing is working

I have a newly installed Farmbot. I have my account up and running and I attached to my WiFi but I continue to get a sync unknown status. Can anyone help me to get this operating…

Hello Steve,
can you post a screenshot of your diagnosis status? This could help to identify where we need to start searching.

Diagnosis status how it is supposed to be.

I suspect that the device has not connected successfully to the webserver. Maybe something went wrong after configuration. Has the WiFi come up again? Did you try a power cycle to see if the device connects or the WiFi comes up again?


Please follow this troubleshooting guide to get your FarmBot connected.

What is you connectivity diagnosis code?


He replied to me in a private message with a picture, that shows a code 24.
@Steve-O Please use this thread instead of a private chat, so other people can help and learn from this :slight_smile: