Take photo not working

Hoi folks,
the take picture farmware is not working anymore. If I want to take a picture with the new version 6.4.0 it says:
[take-photo] Problem getting image.

I am using chrome, before the update and also some time afterwards it went fine. Now it does not work anymore. Any idea?
Edit: at some point in time it uploads a rotated image but that one is black?!

Hey Klim,

the function works great for me, see here:

You may try to

  • reboot
  • unplug/plug the camera
  • select the camera in the device widget

There seems to be definitely a software problem on FB side.
15 min. after two pictures were uploaded which are black: /tmp/images/rotated_1525021629.jpg maybe the FB team is able to debug with this information;

I do not know how to disable to calibration things, I guess its connected to some internal realigning stuff on FBs part…

DEFUSED, please mark topic as closed!

The last thing did it, I removed the USB, plugged it in again and maaagic. It works!

Very funny, as this must have happened between two pictures that I took. Old rule, plug out, plug in again and works was helpful again :slight_smile:

Sorry for the disturbance folks!