The Belt detachs when the V-gantry wheels slides trough the x-tracks extrusions

when we change direction of the V-gantry wheels plate movement the belts lose her position or it tangles, we have tried to adjust the eccentric and the standard spacer but we still have this problem. We also have tried to adjust de tension of the belts.

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Can you confirm that the belts are not twisted anywhere? This could easily happen when you lowered them through the gantry columns. Take extra care that the belts are not twisted anywhere, because this would be the main reason that the belts miss the GT2 pulleys and you lose traction.

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Yes, we have already check that and the belts are not twisted anywhere, we are gonna adjust the spacers again and try to resolve this problem. Is there any problem if the belts have too much tension?

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If the belts have too much tension, the motors aren’t able to handle the load. You must adjust the belt tension so that they are not overly tight, and not overly slack. This may require some continuous adjusting until you get it right.

See the official documentation on adjusting belt tension.

@roryaronson, this page has a broken link to the belt tension instructions. Also, attach the drivetrain page links to itself as the next step. I think the pages in that category need a check-up to ensure new users are able to follow the step-by-step instructions accurately.