The Supergland is great, but what if you want to add a hardwire network cable?

Hi FB World!
I will be adding a hardwire network cable to our FarmBot.
I will use CAT6 cable.
The current Supergland does not have a cut-out for this cable.
I plan on cutting out a notch in the current Supergland on the left side next to the USB camera (boroscope) cut-out.
Suggestions to the fine folks at FB: (@roryaronson)
1). Maybe spin two versions of the Supergland, one with a CAT cable cut-out and one without.
2). Maybe make one Supergland with additional cut-out(s) and provide “plugs” to use for any unused openings.

Thanks for the suggestions @Intelbotfarmer. We considered the second option when designing the Supergland, and may go this route (or the other option you mentioned) in future versions of FarmBot.

For now though, cutting another hole/notch with some sharp scissors or an exacto knife will be no problem. Alternatively, because the Supergland is a very soft and pliable rubber, you could also route two cables through one opening without any alterations.