The system doesn't run smoothly

During calibration my farmbot runs really smoothly and quiet but during normal movement the system doesn’t run as smooth and make noises even though we try to vary the motor parameters. Do you have any suggestion about this problem?

Hey @CUfarmbot

did you take a look at the FAQ that mdingena posted? There are some tips how you can adjust the mechanics and stepper drivers.

Hey @ascend thx for the advice. We have go through those FAQ but we still can’t find whats wrong. Is it possible that the problem is in the software because it can run really smoothly only in calibration mode. Is there any difference in the given arduino firmware motor default setup between the calibration mode and the normally running mode.

Calibration usually runs with decreased movement speed and without acceleration/deceleration ramps. Are all axes noisy? Can you show us a screenshot of your parameters please?