Thoughts on using pressure treated lumber

I would like to hear folks thoughts on the pros and cons of using pressure treated lumber in the construction of a raised bed.

I am not getting much (any) traction on this post or my other (bed depth)
If you have the time, I would value any thoughts…

From a cursory internet search, there doesn’t seem to be strong science-backed consensus as to the risk levels associated with using pressure treated wood for garden beds. I found this article from PennState Extension to be decent, which you can draw your own conclusions from.

My raised beds are made of non-pressure-treated redwood and are coming up on 4 years old. They’re still in great condition and I imagine will last at least 10 years.

Thank you!
Great and very unbiased and informative link. Thanks for taking the time.
I think I will go redwood unless I cannot find a 2”x12”x20’ or 4”x12”x20’ length of redwood. For some reason, pressure treated comes in 20’ lengths, but not so much with redwood. I am trying to avoid having to “splice” two lengths of wood to make 20’. Also, I am thinking to use 4” on the long beams to mitigate bowing over time.
Let’s call this post “answered and resolved”!

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