To infinity and behound, then stalling on all axes on Express V1.0

Good day everyone,

I start without stalling detection at 0,0,0, set home on all XYZ, then move to one plant. All good. I hit HOME and Z starts to move up till it hits the hardware stop. I hit e-stop. I activate stall detection on Z and unlock, hit home, it find Home on Z and starts going home on Y, but also it fails to stop at the hardware stop. Same procedure as with Z, but this time after appparently finding Home, it continues and goes behound negative Y 1000 when I finally hit e-stop. Same on X.

When I start from HOME with stall detection activated It detects stall on all axis, and stops after 3 trials.

Here are the videos of what is happening. I thank you in advance for any suggestions.

Successfull movement without stall detection, Z fails!Am764TSbUQr7hKwFclqk_eoGvkrY0Q?e=yL0s79
Homing failure on Y and X!Am764TSbUQr7hKwGLjNOCfumGVUFdw?e=hCVMwz

What I tried changing:
Stall sensitiviy -63, 0, 20, 40, 63
Motor accelerations
Steps per mm

Rory wrote probably helpful hints in the Software Update announcement. Can you check the motor load with those indicators:

You may need to enable those indicator first but I don’t know for sure where the option is as I am running a genesis device.

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Thanks a lot for your reply. Indeed the load reaches maximum. I set it at 100 and still stalled because that was also reached. But if set at 150 it works and the motors go up to 100%. X and Y are homing correctly, Z ist still going behound the end and never stops. I thought that if I would use only positive coordinates it would work, but then I would home in the soil with Z, because HOME can only be 0,0,0, right?