Tool mounting failed - no electrical connection between UTM pins B and C

Is there a way to improve tool mounting verification? It’s been very inconsistent, and I could not figure out what caused tool mounting fails. Was it because of the water? It seems to happen more often after I water the plants.

I had that problem when I first installed it. 2 things that I used for the same problem. Watching the input on the ap, I touched a jumper across the 2 pins and it went to 0. That told me it was the tool. I placed a washer under each pin on the tool to get it up higher and it worked. I left the washers in and have not had a problem in months.

Thanks! My hunch told me it was my watering nozzle tool. I will try putting two washers and see if will make things better.

and if you have a multimeter, it is easy to determine when it makes contact

Good point! I forgot I have that tool somewhere. Thanks for the tips.

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