Tool Verification - Erratic behaviour when it rains

Tool Verification works well in about 70-80% of cases.

The rest of the time, the tool is not detected. The problem seems worse when the weather is very humid (e.g. after it’s rained and the top of the tool is still moist).

Any idea on how I can improve accurate detection rates?


@ClosedCircuit have you checked these Forum threads ?

Thanks @jsimmonds. I did see these threads but wouldn’t a wiring issue impact the readings all the time (rather than just when it rains)?

I’ll take another look at the connectors when things dry up just to be on the safe side.

Tool verification ( as I understand it !) is a simple On|Off electrical continuity check ( low current ).
Weak physical contact of the metal parts and moisture can play havoc here :slight_smile:

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Following on from the above, we have had quite a lot of rain recently and my Tool Verification sequence is no longer usable. It works well as long as the UMT and the tools are perfectly dry but fails to detect if either is a little bit wet.

Continuity has been tested and the cable and its connectors are fine.

I have found an imperfect workaround but I’m neither sure why it works nor how to improve it. Any idea from the open source community would be gratefully received!

The workaround consists in bridging the heads of the relevant screws with aluminium foil. When I do that, my detection rates are 100% successful. What’s weird is that the “official” jumper link is correctly positioned inside the tool head in positions B and C and I don’t understand why the aluminium foil makes a difference.

It’s obviously an imperfect solution as the foil won’t stay in that position.

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Things have taken a turn for the worst and tools are no longer recognized at all. The cable is fine (continuity check) and it looks like the problem is a faulty UMT.

@Marc: This is an issue I mentioned before. Would you be able to help based on the above or should I contact you by email?

Many thanks