Tools and Gantry

I realise the maximum weight the tools can be is 2kg, Is this limited by the gantry system of the motors? How can that be increased to about 5kgs?

The maximum weight of a tool is probably closer to 1kg, and is mostly dependent on the strength of the magnets that hold it to the UTM. If you developed a UTM that connected to the tools more mechanically, then your limiting factor would probably be the z-axis motor.

In general though, FarmBot isn’t a heavy-duty machine and isn’t designed for heavy tools or tools that would need large forces to work (such as a plow).

Could you provide a guesstimate on the capacity of the z access motor?

Current harvesting head comes in around 2kg could suppliment the UTM with three electromagnets, is Z access motor capable of 2.3kg?

My guess is it would struggle with a 2.3kg payload, or it wouldn’t work at all. All of our tools thus far are very light weight (100g or so). The capacity of z-axis also varies based on installation factors. Poor stepper driver tuning, dirt, too tight of v-wheels, the cold, can all negatively affect performance.