Track and gantry parts

Hi and greetz to the community

this is my first post

firstly before i go any further thanks to the community for getting this far i onlz saw a video on this last week but you guys rock this is truly a makers project if i have ever seen it and special thanks to rory for the start of a world changer

anyway me personally living in berlin

thinking of building one of these

have a question about the gantry or track

no one says the manufacture

is it item

cause i live verz close to the factory and it would be alot cheaper the ordering from america

regards larr3y

sorry german keys y and z are different

Hi Larr3y,

We are working with ITEM in the UK to produce an upgraded version of Farmbot using their modular system of extrusions, in particular the enclosed sliders which may help prevent dirt getting on the tracks and causing problems. Also it’s far easier to built with lock in place and fewer nuts and bolts needed. But they don’t have exactly the same spec as Farmbot USA in their catalogue, to there will be some re-calculation required.


thanks julian

i knew it was item

I am currently in the pre design stage so please let me know if a final design is available in europe I am german based so item should be easy enough to source even from the uk.

I am actually thinking of of using the concept inside a grow tent
apartment living no garden and my balcony is already full

I am thinking of using the poles of the tent as the basis of the gantry and mounting the item poles to them

Obviously not at the top

Z axis wouldnt work
I am thinking in the top one third of the tent I am still trying to figure it out

But due to the fact it is an enclosed space dirt on the track is not an option.

Your thoughts on the subject would be appreciated

I am really only a week into this project so I am Very green on it

Will Keep posted on progress

Regards and keep on gardening in the digial age


Sorry problem not option

We’re also working on a Farmbot derivative for indoor use using stacked 1m square growing sections with a vertically traversing robot arm to pick and deploy the tools. This means the average house room corner should be able to take a Vertical Farmbot of approximately the same area as Genesis With natural daylight or even pink-light bulbs, growing can happen 24/7. In theory. We’ve yet to build the prototype…

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