Track extrusions not in stock (alternative supplier?)

I am putting together a farmbot but found some issues with sourcing parts it looks like the supplier listed open builds (for the USA) is out of stock of the track extrusion.

I looked and looked online and cannot find another company with identical parts, does anyone know another source for getting the v-slot 1500mm long 20mm by 40mm extrusions?

I live in the US and cannot get it from another country.

Unfortunately I don’t know of any other US suppliers. If you change your mind about the country you could try ordering from Ooznest:

Not sure how fast they are restocking, but I got on their restock notification list and received an email in 2 weeks saying they were restocked. That was on Sept 20th, so hopefully they’ll have more stock soon!

In our few years of buying parts from OpenBuilds, we have run into them being out of stock quite often. Though they do seem to get new shipments of stock every month or so.

I had to wait a few weeks but they got the parts in. LOL but another part I needed the lead screw is now out of stock with open builds, Is the lead screw a part that can be purchased from another source or do you recommend only using open builds as the thread and pitch might be unique?