Trouble with homing and calibration


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Here is a video of me trying to find home on the FarmBot. It is a genesis 1.5 running 9.1.2

the manual movement controls work fine, which tells me my wiring is correct. but when i try to find home the behavior is weird.

Here is the video:


Hi @jorrflv,

I’ve been notified that there are some firmware issues affecting only v1.5 bots with regards to homing. We are investigating a fix to this issue.

It is causing trouble in the sequence editor as well… I have had to remove the find home command that is at the beginning of the tool mounting sequences to get those to run.

@jorrflv Under the hood, both buttons execute the same code, so that would be consistent with our understanding of the bug. We will keep you posted on updates as they are available.

@jorrflv, here’s the detailed bug report on GitHub in case you’re curious.