Tubing system change

I have been reading and talking in the harsh environment section discussing blowing out the tubing to prevent freeze.
I also wanted to see another tank added so that liquid fertilizer like compost tea could be added at will and I realize that the changes could be met with one change to the system.
And it would be a change that added more flexibility for other needs.

I kept coming back to thinking that there needed to be a change to the tubing system that normally is used for water. Now I think I have it totally imagined. I think there should be a tank before the tubing reaches the gantry arm. The tank (someone that understands me please give me name for this type of tank, overflow?) would have three or more sections of tubing that are incorporated into its cap and the reservoir part would screw into the cap, the cap being mounted part. The tubing coming into the tank from the outside would be controlled from switching valve so that you could choose what is added the other tubing leading to the gantry arm would just lead straight to the watering arm.


When you wanted to run a cleaning cycle you would keep you vinegar or whatever in the reservoir.

If you wanted to use a powered or concentrated fertilizer it would go into the reservoir and be mixed with water on the way out.

If you wanted to blow out the system for cold weather storage you would attach the second input tubing to your pressurized air source.

If you had a large tank somewhere that you wanted to dip into and suck up liquid to be used over and over again then you would be sucking it into the reservoir and then you could either let it mix with water and come out, be blow out with pressure if the tank is before the pump it could be sucked out.

I think this change would provide a lot of various functionality that people could get creative with.

I work in the Diesel industry. We have to deal with DEF that freezes and thaws for operation. The pumps used on these systems have what is called a reverting valve. The pump is turned backwards to purge the system. Then the reverting valve switches so that the liquid is pumped out of the pump to the tank. The tanks are designed so the liquid may freeze in the tanks. There is a total of 3 lines at the pump assembly. Suction, Return, and Pressure. When the pump is reversed the pressure line is open to allow air into the line. This clears the line of fluid. At lease enough to prevent damage from freezing. The system you are talking about can become complex even with just 3 lines. I like the idea of using liquid fertilizer. I think something could be made to accommodate this. Valves are difficult to print but maybe we can come up with something. I would need a diagram to understand the flow you are talking about.

Hi Guys
Just a quick comment if you over wintering the machine the best way to stop ice up of the water lines is to purge with air, well we tend to use Nitrogen but circulating filtered air works.
If the water pump can run dry self purging then you can use the pump. You do not need much pressure, just a flow, the dryer the air the better.

Thanks for your response!