Turning off All LED indicator lights

Hello everyone,

I just finished setting up Farmbot. Everyone here in my hometown so excited the check-out the CNC technology for farming. From now, this will be the showcase for local folks in Chaiyaphum.

One question, I would like Farmbot to stand by all time. However, my parents have a big concern from LED indicator lights because they think the machine is consuming energy. Is that any way to turn off all the indicator lights so Farmbot can run discreetly. I think my parents would be happy about this.

Topper WH

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Wow, this looks really amazing!

As far as I know, there is no function to turn those onboard LEDs off. The LEDs are consuming such a low amount of energy that you shouldn’t be worried at all. Here you can see roughly how much energy your device consumes over a day, or even find out how to measure it yourself with a monitoring device.