Unable to connect to configurator

Hello everybody !
I have a class tomorrow with my students on the Farmbot, I was having disconnection problems and the slowness with the app. I wanted to reset the bot by flashing OS 12.3.6 on the SD card, but BIG PROBLEM: I can’t load the configurator page anymore! When I replug the robot, there is no farmbot-xxxx WiFi, so setup is impossible!
Thank you for helping me !
I’m on a Genesis XL 1.4
Luc, from Coutances in Normandy (France)

@CoutancesNature Sorry to hear you are having problems. The good news is that this is usually a very simple problem to fix.

I would recommend

  1. starting over by downloading a brand new FarmBot OS image at http://os.farm.bot - you may have accidentally downloaded the wrong version. Example: Trying to run FBOS Genesis on an Express device will not work.
  2. Completely re-flash the SD card using Etcher. Do not use the Web App to perform the reset since it can leave behind old corrupt files.
  3. Wait for three minutes before attempting to connect. If possible, pair with the device via a laptop within line-of-sight distance from the device.

So again, the reasons for not seeing configurator are typically:

  • “soft reset” failing due to file corruption (fixed by using Etcher)
  • Flashing the wrong model of FBOS (fixed by downloading the correct model)
  • Not waiting long enough for configurator to appear (fixed by waiting three minutes, moving closer to the device, attempting to use a different device to connect to the WiFi).

Could any of those be the problem? Please let me know.

Also, I will add one more problem we’ve seen in the past:

Sometimes, Etcher will not flash the file to the SD card correctly. It will show the message “Flash complete!” next to a red :x: icon. Even though the flash is “complete” it is a failure and you must flash the SD card again.

Thanks for your reply, but:

  1. I think I downloaded the correct OS (farmbot-rpi3-12.3.6.img for Genesis 1.4). I restart the download.
  2. Indeed I used Etcher, on 2 different cards. I’m trying on a third and a fourth card.
  3. I waited more than 3 minutes for each replug with each card
  4. I don’t remember seeing a red cross on Etcher, but the third card shows a red cross. The fourth one flashes correctly.
    I’m out of school tonight, but I’ll try again tomorrow morning before my afternoon class …

Since you are on a very tight timeframe, you could also try an older version of FBOS:

We have not received any other bug reports for this version of FBOS, but the older version is available if you would like to try a different option.

Hello everybody,
this morning the setup worked perfectly. (But I had trouble last night to properly flash the third SD card with Etcher: it took me 8 tries to stop the red cross)
And I am very happy because this reset seems to have made the disconnection and slowness problems of the app disappear. :smiley:
Thanks RickCalino !


That’s great to hear @CoutancesNature. That is very strange to see that your SD card is failing that often. If the SD card is faulty or defective, your device may be at risk of having data loss. You may want to consider using a different card to be safe. Please let me know if you hit any issues in the future. SD cards are known to go bad on occasion.

OK, I’ll be carefull with my SD card. Thanks

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Hi @CoutancesNature !
Balena have been making many improvements to Etcher recently. Worth installing the latest version of Etcher. Always use a good quality SDHC card too :slight_smile:

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