Unable to Load Google Nest Cam Feed

I obtained a web link from my Nest Account to be able to add the camera feed to my.farm.bot/app/controls window, but I get the error " Unable to load webcam feed."


I got both of mine working using this…

iframe https://video.nest.com/embedded/live/YOURCODEHERE?autoplay=1

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@John_D In the last two months we’ve noticed that browsers are becoming more strict about what they allow in iFrames. We’ve also noticed some Nest users mention that the feed refuses to display on their Web App account. Since we have multiple bots at FarmBot, Inc that use Nest webcams, I have a suspicion that these users have enable a privacy setting on the Nest device itself, but am unsure.

If the issue does not get resolved, I can take a deeper look for you. Please let us know if CaptMels suggestion does not work for you.

@John_D I also used @CaptMel suggestion and it works… you must put the iframe infront of the modified nest url

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@RickCarlino @CaptMel , that tip worked. My nest feed is now in my dashboard - with audio, too.

Thanks for the help.

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Glad it worked for you!