Updates to Bill of Materials

Dear Farmbot Team:

Greetings from London, Ontario, Canada and the London International Academy Farmbot team.

We ordered parts for a Genesisv0.7 in August. Since then you have moved to V0.9. Might you kindly update the bill of materials?

We have arranged the purchased parts on a table in preparation for assembly. I am wondering if additional materials will be necessary to complete the Farmbot. These might include belts and wires - I did not find these in the V0.7 BOM.

The parts link currently points to V0.8 parts.

Any help in this regard would be most appreciated.

Hey there! Yes, the Bill of Materials is not 100% complete at the moment, and I don’t believe they are updated for the V0.9 hardware yet.

I have been making my own wires/cabling from parts from my local hardware store, and purchase GT2 timing belt from OpenBuilds.

I’ll be working on the updating the BOM for V0.9 hardware, and happy to help you here on the forum with any specific questions. Note that the V0.9 hardware has many significant changes from the V0.7 hardware, so the updates may not be as useful to you.