Upgrade from V1.2 to V1.4 No encoder output :(

Hi All,

I’ve recently upgraded from V1.2 (RAMPS + Arduino Mega) + V1.3 Motor kit.
V1.4 hardware (Farmduino 1.7A) (FarmOS 7.0.1) plus new power supply / peripherals / mounting plates / etc., believe me, for the time poor, it has been no small task!

The motor/encoders/cables are all reused and were purchased as a branded V1.3 motor kit.

The problem is there is currently no raw encoder output, whereas I used to see encoder output in the web app with my RAMPS/Mega setup.

I’ve tried device control manual movements, hand turning etc. all the same, all axis, the web app shows no encoder output.

I can only get my motors moving (somewhat reliably - z axis is another story) if I switch off the encoders, but I see a decent amount of axis creep after only 1 full movement and return to 0. (about 2 cm on my X axis, and several mm on my Y axis) which tells me two things, I will have a heck of a time trying to operate without the encoders, and that I need to tighten up sources of slack, which I am working on, but harder/slower to ascertain without encoders.

It would be unusual for all 4 encoders and cables to independently fail, so unless I’ve missed an incompatibility note between V1.3 motors and cables and V1.4 Hardware, I’m inclined to think perhaps the new farmduino might have an issue?

I’m open to any suggestions, and very appreciative of any help or info that might help.


I have this setup i.e. v1.3 encoder cables and v1.4 Farmduino and it works for me. Have you tried inverting encoders? Could you screenshot and post your device settings please.