Upgrade from version 1.0 to 1.3

Hi! I would be grateful for a second opinion regarding upgrading my farmbot.

I have an unbuilt v1.0 kit (I know, I’m slacking…) and after reading the updates for the most recent versions, I would like to order the additional parts to upgrade to version 1.3. I mainly want to do this to use the new Farmduino board instead of RAMPS. I’m writing this post because I would like assistance knowing what new parts I need for the upgrade. It looks like most/all of the new parts required are related to the Farmduino - including the board itself, the enclosure box, and all the cables with new connectors.

This post discusses future plans for a comprehensive online store which would include upgrade kits. That would be very useful, but until then I’m consulting the version changelog :slight_smile:

It looks like these are the things I will need to replace:

  • Electronics box
  • Farmduino board
  • Data cable
  • Solenoid valve cable
  • Vacuum pump cable
  • Power supply (cable no longer separate)
  • Universal Tool Mount Cable
  • Encoder Cables
  • Motor cable

So I have two basic questions:

  • Does this look like a pretty comprehensive list?
  • Am I correct in determining that most of the work will simply be substituting these new parts instead of the corresponding v1.0 ones?