USB camera not detected

I tried to run my sequence that photos all of my plants and I get the error message in the logs that no USB camera is detected. I get the same error when I try to take a single photo. I double checked all connections and they are sound. Software issue? Anybody else having a similar problem?

@Jjarrell Was your camera ever working, or is this the first time you’ve seen the issue?

We had a bad lot of cameras go out with the first shipment of Express bots. Not all the cameras were bad, but a higher than usual percentage were. You may be affected by this and can get a replacement under warranty.

Please contact Marc at and he will get you taken care of.

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Great question @RickCarlino. It has been working. I have been taking pictures of the bed about once a week or so for the last month or two in order to record ongoing growth. This is a new phenomenon that just started this week. I will reach out to Marc as well.


OK, then that might be something different that I should take a look at.

What is your device ID?

Our ID is 6806.


I took a look at your device. From the device’s perspective, it does not see a USB camera attached. The fix could be simple, or it require a replacement under warranty.

Step 1: Check For Dislodged Connections

This is not unheard of. Despite seeming to have a very simple fix, we do receive a number of support requests per month that are solved this way, even in devices that have been running for months without issues. It’s not always the case, but it’s worth triple checking to save time.

Due to vibration or moisture, the cable may need to be unplugged and re-plugged fully. This happened to my Genesis bot last month.

  1. Watch this video about camera cabling issues
  2. Unplug and replug as shown in the video
  3. Perform a hard powercycle of the device, unpluging the power line and re-plugging after 6 seconds.

Step 2: File For Replacement If Required

If you are still unable to get the camera working, please contact us for a replacement under warranty.

I hope this helps! If you require further assistance do not hesitate to ask.


@Jjarrell Did those steps help? Do you need to file for a replacement? Please let me know.

I’m having the same problem. I noticed that when I use safari or google chrome on iPhone or safari on MacBook pictures wil not appear in the web browser
But when I download the picture it is visible.

When I use a windows pc or google chrome on my MacBook they do!

The problem is already a view weeks old.
I flash new (and old) software on the sd card,
Checked the voltage on the raspberry and everything else in the support page told me to do.
I also bought a new camera but the new one also didn’t work.
It really matters which browser you use.

@Stephanvl I don’t think your problem is related to the one here, but it does sound like a problem that we need to address. I will take a deeper look on Monday morning.

Thanks for letting us know!

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It appears you have found a browser compatbiility bug. You can work around the issue while we create a fix by clicking the rotation button:


@Stephanvl We’ve fixed the problem. The fix will be available in the next release, which will happen tomorrow or Monday most likely.