User account transfer

Hello Everybody from France !

I want to create a second account for another user
can use the farmbot

Can you tell me how to get all the programming sequences back
as well as the machine settings from my account?

the “JSON export” function no longer works…

thank you in advance.


@MakerHero There is currently no way to transfer sequences between accounts, although we do have plans to eventually allow for sequence sharing and devices with more than one user account (eg: a shared FarmBot for an entire classroom).

Can you tell me more about the issues you are having with the “JSON Export” feature? I tried it this morning on my personal account and it seems to be exporting the data still. It’s important to note that this feature was not intended to be used as an account transfer tool- it is only a means for users to grab a copy of the data that we store on our end (this is useful for third party developers that wish to parse / manipulate account data for specialized applications).

thank you for your answer
I click on the JSON export button
but I don’t receive the data by email
I’ve already tested it in the past and it worked

however, this function does not seem to be appropriate for my situation
Indeed the farmbot that I set up and tested with my account belongs to an association.

the problem is that I have created an account with my personal email address
how to change the account settings in clear change the email address

I also want to keep my account for future use

Any ideas?

@MakerHero Since the application does not support data imports, your options at this time are to:

  • Change your account email address to your organizations email as needed. You can change it back when you are done working on it.
  • Share the current account with your organization (after an email address change)

Eventually, we will allow for multiple users to share the same device without the need to share the same password / email, but work on that feature has not yet started.