Using Farmbot for industrial agriculture?

I am a very new starter on agriculture located in Taiwan. I have intense interests in automated agriculture and happened to stumble across this fantastic site. After going through some of the contents I was just wondering of Farmbot would be operatable on an industrial scale? like in a greenhouse with a size of several hundreds of square meters.
I recognize that the technology is quite new and it would be fantastic if it would be applied for industrial agriculture. Any comment that you may have on this topic will be high appreciated. Thanks all!

I looked at hanging one up in a greenhouse at my school, and pretty much yes it is possible but you would most likely want to have several systems that hang upside down from the roof and each independently control a portion of the space. One system would not be capable of covering an area of that size. You would also most likely want to switch from g2 timing belt to a larger timing belt or preferably linear gears for better accuracy and torque.

The Genesis, as is, is a long way away from being commercially applicable, for many reasons. We are just at the very beginning of these things. Its bleeding edge. I would not risk a commercial enterprise/business on such things till they mature a lot. As always, YMMV.